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We provide the best Solution to any existing problem within your Company.

About Us

PROYECTOS Y SOLUCIONES ESTRATEGICAS, S.A de C.V. is a company with more than 15 years providing real solutions to business business units in various sectors, establishing business strategies with national and international suppliers to maximize the profitability of your company in any project with a high degree of difficulty and risk.

We have sought and implemented the best solution to carry out projects in a timely and successful manner; We provide a comprehensive and quality service through an interdisciplinary team with experience in the implementation of solutions in countries such as: United States, Canada, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Spain and Mexico, among others.

Our services

Technological Solutions

We have a wide range of technological solutions according to your needs.

Educational Solutions

For companies and educational institutions, we have all the necessary knowledge

To implement up to an educational technology center.

We are specialists in instructional design

Quality Systems Solutions

We have certified service auditors in quality systems.

Human Resources Solutions

Recruitment, selection and training of personnel, socio-economic studies and psychometric evaluations.

Project Management Solutions

Specialists in multidisciplinary work teams and complete organization of:

  • National and international projects.
  • Strategies for reducing operating costs

Import substitution solutions

We search, find or develop the best national supplier to carry out any import substitution for your company, to increase profitability, without a decrease in quality.

Export solution

Entering a globalized environment is already a necessity and we have the necessary knowledge to be able to help you and promote your company to other markets.

Suppliers Administration

Evaluation of the service and the consolidation of services through tenders, are processes that make companies have a better service and greater profitability while lower operating expenses

Security for your Information

One of the most important items today, valuable information is priceless, we help you protect it.

NOM Certifications

We can manage the entire  process until the certificate is issued.


We are specialists in residential, commercial and industrial areas specially in:

  • Designs
  • Buildings
  • Remodeling
  • Maintenance

Why choose us?

Solution generators


Platícanos un poco de tu Tell us about your project, we sure have a solution that suits you.


Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

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Phone /WhatsApp: 81 28 90 97 12

Email : contacto@proyss.com

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